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How BJP is ensuring that India’s Democracy becomes more Superficial

Posted by Rachit Seth on 20 May, 2018

India’s politics has truly changed under Narendra Modi’s BJP. The deepening roots of Democracy are being uprooted and are being smeared with a pesticide of superficiality.

The Political Pendulum is Swinging

The winds have started blowing the other way. The pendulum of politics is swinging to a different side. A glimmer of hope and change is gradually taking form and unravelling from the gloom and darkness which had gripped the nation by narrow domestic walls.

Reflections on the Congress’s performance in the North East

I would start this piece of writing with a disclaimer – that I am an eternal optimist. It does not however mean that when the Congress party snatches defeat from the jaws of victory, my heart doesn’t bleed. It does.

My thoughts on Republic Day, this year

As we celebrate Our Constitution and the immense contribution of the pillars of our National Movement, we should reflect upon the times we live in.

A Personal Diary: Transition in the Congress Party

Albeit, we in India have the right to make a political choice, only at the age of 18 years, yet I can say with some certainty that mypolitical consciousness developed even before that.


Rachit Seth is a qualified Architect and is a part of the Indian National Congress Communication Department.